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About us...

Born out of frustration brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and the overwhelming human desire to put my lifetime experiences, knowledge and abilities to adapt, lean, create and make a reality sound solution to my fellow community.

Solutions to people and businesses caught up in having to themselves, family, friends, employees, customer and the public in general a solution to dealing with indoor occupied spaces that run the spectrum of hazard levels of spaces that have either known or in most cases unknown levels of contaminations/infections .

As a result in the search of the best methods to combat on everything pandemic we have had to come to this problem with solutions that work regardless of the ever fluid nature of the severity of this current pandemic.

It is our goal to serve the community by providing a piece of mind to those who have or feel a moral and or legal responsibility to utilize the very best that science and logic offer in combating the spread of the current or any future pandemic in the most effective way possible in your home or business.

Treating everyone equally with respect compassion and understanding with the utmost discretion to your rights to services performed privately.

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