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Disinfecting Homes across the Valley


Consultations are always free and you will always be treated like our most important client


50 cents per square foot without a contract


- Periodic & Contractual

- Services are Negotiable

Prep home

Prepare your Home for disinfection

Prior to services, please take the necessary steps below to properly prepare the area

  • The treated area must be made free of "plants-pets-people-rare oil paintings"

  • All bedding material should be removed and washed

  • It is critical for proper service that your air filters be changed or cleaned at time of service

 - we can obtain your filters prior if necessary but we'll need to know the type and size of your preferred ac/heating air filter (costs added to total)

* If you are unable to accomplish any of the above-mentioned items, we may provide the service for you. This will result in additional time to complete services, and anytime spent over one hour on these projects may result in additional charges

equipment used (1).jpg

Meticulous Disinfection Process

Meticulous Disifectant

Wipe down all commonly touched surfaces and rewipe to remediate any residue


Expose all surfaces to uv-c germicidal lights for maximum disinfection


Run ozone emitters throughout the premise along with fans and filters to disinfect air


Test water and indoor air quality throughout the process


Brush and vacuum dryer lint air vents and dryer air ducts


Do a simple check of all smoke alarms and replace up to 2 9v batteries


Inspect, clean, and disinfect vent covers and filters


Inspect for and remove any visible mold as we disinfect all toilet tanks and adjacent areas

Gift Basket

Gift basket

Each residential customer will receive a complimentary disinfection basket gift basket!

Gift Bag.png

​The gift basket includes:

  • 2 count of 3m n95 or similar face masks

  • 1 count package of 80 wipes of bactive brand disinfectant wipes

  • 1 count box of covid-19 rapid at home antigen self test-kit

  • 1 count can microban 24 hour disinfectant aerosol spray

  • 1 count box of covid-19 rapid at home antigen self-test kit containing (2-tests)

  • 1 count copper door opener button pusher

  • 2 count bottle of hand sanitizer

  • 1 portable cell phone/toothbrush disinfection box

Covid Test Sale
Covid antigen tests for sale

We also provide rapid home/office delivery of covid-19 self test kits (2 tests per kit). $60 per delivery to zip codes 85258-25259-25230 Most deliveries are made within 40 minutes of receiving your phone order at 623-570-4517 during 6am through 8pm Monday - Saturday

Covid test.jpg

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